Together with you we produce, promote and distribute your music.
Based on your plans, we can support you with every step it takes to have your songs presented to the world. Be ready to create your individual service pack.
Just choose your favourite options from the following services:

Song writing

Our professionals from the band “Pimpy Panda” (particularly Daniel Hopf, Vincent Golly, Simon Oslender) write and arrange your songs. Share your ideas and we will work it out together in your style of choice.


At your own discretion, we record your songs with or without our musicians from “Pimpy Panda” in a recording studio we trust.

Edit, Mix & Master

Our musicians and engineers at IRMI provide you with the highest quality, state-of-the-art music production. Check out our latest releases to get an impression.


In order to appropriately place and present your music, our marketing specialist ensures a unique artist profile in accordance with your desires and artistic style. We take care of positioning design, communication, and print media (album artwork, flyers, posters, press releases, etc.) as well as video productions and photography.
What do you aspire to?

Promotion & Distribution

We are committed to doing absolutely everything in our power in order for us to present your music to the world (radio, TV, magazines etc.). We can also take care of physical and/or digital releases on the platforms you wish to use.

Convince us and let’s do it.